one hour Intuition Building Video Call + Custom Flower Essence Blend
one hour Intuition Building Video Call + Custom Flower Essence Blend
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one hour Intuition Building Video Call + Custom Flower Essence Blend

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An hour session with me in person or over a live video call focuses on fortifying your intuition though a variety of tools so you can build and access this crucial piece of your life. From doing this work, you will be able to access your intuition and use it to ease though the bumps and blocks in your life.

What is intuitive wellbeing?

An ability to be energetically balanced, compassionate, present and stable on a regular basis.  When you have strong intuitive wellbeing, you are able to use your inner balance and guidance when encountered with obstacles to come back to a place of neutrality and wellbeing more swiftly and gracefully.

Some tools I use to work with my clients are meditation, conversation, plant ally  cartomancy, heart space intelligence, reiki, intuitive creative writing and sentence building, and flower essence therapy.

In our session together, we will set the intention to get more clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and what the root of any issues are that need attention.  Once revealed, we will set that “egg of clarity” within the "nest" of intuitive wellbeing to do the work of regaining balance.  I am here to give you tools and accountability for you to do this work. We will end by creating a flower essence blend together that I will send you after the session. 

What a 1:1 session may look like: (time permitting- we may not get to all of these tools and techniques, but the nature of my work encourages frequent check-ins and follow-up sessions for guidance and accountability.


  • Using my “tool booklet”, we will work together (not just me reading cards to you or telling you what to do) to pinpoint the root of what is in question (the situation, problem, issue, confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, etc.) to find and use your own intuition for clarity and answers.

            What are you interested in diving deeper into in your life?

            What imbalances are present in your life?

            What are you looking for guidance about?


  • We will begin with a short meditation to clear and calm the mind and bring us into the space.


  • We will briefly talk about your situation and anything you feel called to share in this safe space, then we will dive into some work.
  •  Divination cards help to show us where we are, where we want to be and how to get there. Tarot and Lenormond cards help to separate between our story and truth.  Our brains can make up stories that can be more harmful than what is really going on.  We will pull some cards and through intuitive processing, we will be able to see the situation objectively and create a flower essence blend.
  • We will use some techniques to tap into and listen to your heart’s intelligence and mindset.
  • We will call in and create a custom flower essence blend for your unique work. This will be your ally through the next 1-3 moon cycles. The essence will help to address and shift the underlying attitudes and beliefs that cause imbalances in mental and emotional states.                                                                              What is a flower essence? Flower essences are energetic medicine (as opposed to physical medicine). Simply stated, it is the energetic imprint of a flower in water and some kind of preservative typically alcohol, apple cider vinegar or glycerin.  Essences contain deep energetic medicine that facilitate shifts in emotional and mental states to encourage wellbeing. They create wellness in our mind to create wellness in our body.

I am not here to solve your problems or give you the answers.  I am here to help you find insight within yourself and give you tools take home and use out in the world.  This work will help you to use your own intuition to find clarity, open up and listen to your heart  and body, be more compassionate, present, balanced and stable. You will be able to use this state of being to live your highest and best life.

I look forward to working with you!

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or psychologist. I do not diagnose any conditions. I am a person who enjoys connecting with others in a safe and joyful space to use and share my tools to encourage balance, clarity and trust within yourself to live in your highest and best life.