Emailed Energy Reading and Custom Essence Blend with 10 minute phone call.
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Emailed Energy Reading and Custom Essence Blend with 10 minute phone call.

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Through plant ally tarot and working with your energy remotely, I will create an essence blend for you to work with as well as a detailed description of what I received during the session. Your package will be sent out within 36 hours of your purchase. Each essence is made with organic apple cider vinegar, water, and herbal infused honey. Schedule here.

In the "notes" section at your check out, please leave your phone number (U.S. only), so we can have a 10 minute discussion about your intention of this reading.  Within 24 hours of the call, I will begin my intuitive work and create an essence blend made just for you from the 20+ essences I've created personally to send to your home address.

With this order, you will receive 

  • a detailed email about how I came up with your blend, using my personal essences, and any insight that came through when working with your energy remotely. 
  • a 2 oz custom essence blend for you to work with during the next moon cycle.
  • a Basics of Flower Essences Booklet to give you a brief description of the how and why of flower essences and a break down of all my personal essences and how I relate them. 
  • A little extra surprise gift.

Thank you and I am looking forward working with you! 


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