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"The natural world speaks to us through our intuitive self." -Pam Montgomery

Are you unclear about the possible next steps in reaching your goals? Are you overwhelmed and have a constant underlying feeling of anxiety? Do you find yourself refreshing your email in search of that magical breakthrough, connection or collaboration to get you to that proverbial sweet spot? Do you wake up at 2:00 am with thoughts racing about what you need to change or what you lack? Do you seek answers that never seem to come, or that never seem to be quite right?

Do you constantly use your mind to seek out these answers? Has it been helpful? Has using your brain gotten you to where you want to be emotionally and personally? If you answer no to these questions, I am here to help. 

The work that I offer is about empowering you to more quickly find that calm at 2:00 am, to allow yourself to quiet your mind and enjoy the daily moments more deeply, to be present and notice the changing of the seasons and how the flowers talk to you in metaphor, to take time to lie on the couch and read a book without feeling anxious or guilty, to grab sidewalk chalk and color outside with your child without distracting thoughts or constantly checking your phone. 

In my sessions, we will work together by getting you out of your mind and tuning into Earth's energy and your heart's intelligence.  Your heart has over 40,000 neurons and is like a mini- brain but with more compassion and connection to our inner and outer worlds. Some tools I use to work with my clients are conversation, plant meditations, flower essences, divination cards and clairvoyance, heart space intelligence, intuitive creative writing and drawing.

What is a flower essence? Flower essences are energetic medicine (as opposed to physical medicine). They are the energetic imprint of a flower in water and a preservative (typically alcohol, apple cider vinegar or glycerin).  Essences contain deep energetic medicine that facilitate shifts in emotional and mental states to encourage overall wellbeing and fortify the work we doing a session. You can find the unique flower essence blends I have created in the shop



To schedule an appointment click here. If you don't see any appointment times that work for you, please email me at to find a time that works.

  1. Emailed Readings with Custom Essence Blend and Basics of Flower Essence Booklet $65
  2. One hour Intuition Building and Tarot Session $65
  3. One and a half hour Intuition Building and Tarot Session with Custom Flower Essence Blend and Basics of Flower Essence Booklet$95

1. Emailed Reading with Custom Essence Blend and Booklet In this reading, you will send me 1-2 questions you would like clarity on, and/or describe the situation you would like more clarity on. This is done via the intake form sent to your email after payment.  I will use my intuition and clairvoyance along with tarot cards to go deeply into your situation, find the root of the problem, what energies or mindsets need to shift and what energies or mindsets need to be called in to create the change you seek.  I will email you a detailed video with what messages and insights I received along with the pictures of the cards within 48 hours as well as send you (via snail mail) a custom essence blend and Basics of Flower Essence Booklet for you to work with over the next 30-90 days. 

2. One Hour Intuition Building + Tarot Session In this one-on-one session we will talk over Zoom video conferencing (you will need to download onto your computer if you don’t already have it).

 What a 1:1 session may look like:

  •  We will work together (not just me reading cards to you or telling you what to do) to pinpoint the root of what is in question (the situation, problem, issue, confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, etc.) to find and build your intuition for clarity, answers and overall wellbeing.

            What are you interested in diving deeper into in your life?

            What imbalances are present in your life?

            What are you looking for guidance for?


  • We will talk about your situation and anything you feel called to share.


  • We will begin with a short meditation to clear and calm the mind and bring us into the space. We will focus on breath and the heart space in order to access the heart intellectually and build this practice.


  • I will pull some cards and through intuitive processing, we will pinpoint the root of your challenge, what energies/ mindsets to shift or let go of, and what energies/ mindsets to call in. Divination cards help to show us where we are, where we want to be, how to get there and help to separate between our story and truth.


  • I will share any intuitive/clairvoyant downloads that I received prior to our meeting or during our session together.

 3. One and a half hour Intuition Building and Tarot Session with Custom Flower Essence Blend and Basics of Flower Essence Booklet. In this one-on-one session, we will talk over Zoom video conferencing (you will need to download onto your computer if you don’t already have it). 

  • This session looks much like the hour long session described above, but includes creating a custom flower essence together for you to work with at home to fortify the shifts we created in the session and to create lasting results.
  • We will meditate and communicate with a plant or plants that have come to us through the session (either by way of the cards, meditation, or my intuitive direction). This will give us more insight into your inner world. We will call in and create a flower essence blend for your unique situation. This will be your ally through the next 1-3 moon cycles. The essence will help to address and shift the underlying attitudes and beliefs that cause imbalances in mental and emotional states.  I will send you this essence after our session along with a Basics of Flower Essence Booklet for you to use with intention, meditation and creative tracking to notice your subtle changes.

*My work encourages brief check-ins and follow-up sessions for guidance and accountability. This can be discussed and scheduled at the end of our session if desired. 

I am not here to solve your problems or give you the answers.  I am here to help you find insight within yourself and give you tools take home and use out in the world.  This work will help you to utilize your intuition, to find clarity, to open up and listen to your heart and body more in order to be more compassionate, present, balanced and stable. You will be able to use this state of being to live your highest and best life.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or psychologist. I do not diagnose any conditions. I am a person who enjoys connecting with others in a safe space to use and share my tools to encourage balance, clarity and trust within yourself to make decisions that ultimately make you a happier person.



"A few months ago I found out my husband has stage 4 cancer. As I've adapted to the many changes in our lives since, including taking on the full-time job of being his healthcare advocate, some of the self-care tools I treated myself to were Roxanne's flower essences. Those provided such pure yet immediate relief that I was really excited to find out she has started offering video calls working with tarot and plant allies. Our session gave me clarity and insights - some immediate, some that emerged later. Roxanne was very respectful, thoughtful, and clearly attuned to her own inner knowing, in ways that held space for me. I'm looking forward to attending her flower essence workshop later this month and to continuing to work with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Invisible Practices' tools & services to anyone needing intuitive healing in their life." -Corinna Fish 

"The timing of my session with Roxanne was very serendipitous. I had just gone through an interesting challenge in a relationship that had been building for some time. I was working through it and processing what the lessons were. She helped me to gain clarity on the situation and also helped me to realize that it was part of the bigger picture - meaning bigger life lesson than I have been needing to learn. There are many, many things I love about Roxanne, but one of them is that she doesn't talk at you and really talks with you to help you see that the answers are all already there within you, waiting for you to uncover them and to trust that you already have everything within you to ride the waxes & wanes of life. Roxanne has a true gift, I felt honored to work with her and she will absolutely be someone that I continue to work with again and again on my journey to heal and grow into the powerful woman I am meant to be." -Lisa Kennedy